Irqichay Project

Our first project, 'Irqichay,' (dear sweet child) serves children from two high Andean communities. They were walking many hours down to school in the Sacred Valley near Cusco. They were without proper nutrition or a safe place to sleep Monday to Friday. We provide a dormitory for the children to have a safe space to sleep, eat, and learn.

This was the first time he ever got to lay down on a bed of his own.

This was the first time he ever got to lay down on a bed of his own.

The house we rented for them is the first time many of them have ever slept in a bed or used a toilet, but they carry a tenacity and courage in taking the trek many hours from their homes to get an education. Our goal is to support their transition to a new world with enrichment programs, tutoring, and music as well as honoring, and learning from, the wisdom traditions that they bring from their high Andean communities. We provide a safe, loving environment and high-quality nutritional meals. (Anemia is epidemic in their communities and many other communities in the high Andes.) 

Our youngest child had his 8th birthday in the house and our oldest is 18 finishing 6th grade. Globalization is affecting the communities that live in the most remote and highest places on earth. Our children come from two such communities. Our dorm is close to their school and serves as a home for them Monday to Friday. Their families are part of our community and help to keep alive the traditions that are useful to the world and to our children as they move into this new world.

Our project is in need of funding for the 2017 and 2018 school years. If you are a foundation or an individual who can contribute, please email us at Or donate through our website via Paypal. Click below: